Computer Replacements Moving Forward Across Campus

comp-upgrade-newsAs we begin the spring semester, we want to share our progress on the computer replacement project.

Before the winter break, we proceeded with our pilot program in Technology, the Library, and the Department of Political Science & International Relations. This successful small-scale rollout helped us to refine our process and improve our prospects for a smooth rollout to the rest of the College.

During November and December, the project team met with each department on campus to determine their academic and business computing needs, and to answer questions about the project. We also used this opportunity to finalize a list of employees with computers that are eligible for replacement and to create a tentative timeline for each department.

From now until June 2017, our team will proceed with computer replacements based on the planning we’ve done with each department. If you have questions about the project or your eligibility to receive a new computer, please contact the Service Desk.