Reporting a Lost or Stolen Laptop or Mobile Device

In January, our Information Security Officer, David Bruce, sent out a security bulletin about how to prevent laptop theft and what to do if your laptop is stolen. This is a very important topic and we want to be sure that everyone is aware of how to prevent thefts.

Two steps you can take to keep your laptop and mobile device safe are to never leave them unattended (or to put them in a secure location like a locked office or locker while you’re away) and, for laptops specifically, to attach a security cable to it. If you need a security cable for your Simmons-owned laptop, please contact the Service Desk.

If a Simmons-owned laptop or other mobile computing device has been lost or stolen, you should follow these steps:

• Promptly report the loss to the Technology Service Desk, 617-521-2222, and to your manager.

• The Service Desk will also ask you to provide the following information, if known, so appropriate security measures can be taken:
– Your Simmons username and email address
– Any special services to which you had access (e.g. Datatel)
– Any special applications which were loaded on the device
– What types of data were saved on the device (e.g. Student data, HR data)
– If the device was powered on at the time of loss
– If passwords were encrypted and what software was used for encryption

• In addition to contacting the Service Desk and your manager, you should contact Public Safety, 617-521-1112, if the theft occurred on campus. If the theft occurred off campus, it should be reported to local police.

If you have any questions about laptop and mobile device security, please contact the Service Desk at 617-521-2222 or